Quick overview of a XenDesktop installation

Here are some screenshots compiled by Chris Hahn for a typical no nonsense installation of XenDesktop 2.1.

Desktop Delivery Controller prerequisites:

MS XML 6.0, Visual J# 2.0, .Net Framework 3.5 ,Internet Information Services (IIS)

Desktop Delivery Controller 2.1 Setup

Accept License agreementclip_image004

Install all components for POC.clip_image006

Create new farm. image

Install XenDesktop Advanced.clip_image010

XenDesktop can us a local IMA datastore or a remote SQL server.clip_image012

Prerequisites will be installed if needed.clip_image014

If prerequisite componenets were not installed previously, a reboot is required. Reboot computer and restart setup to continue installation if needed.


Continue setup after reboot.


Active Directory Configuration

Launch Active Directory configuration wizard.clip_image020

Specify XenDesktop OU.image


XenDesktop Agent Installation (XP Desktop)

If prompted, install .Net framework 3.5. clip_image028







Use default port for DDC communication – 8080clip_image036

Select farm.image

Complete installation.clip_image040

Reboot when prompted.


Desktop Group Setup


Initial configuration will be pooled desktops. clip_image046

XenDesktop Hosting infrastructure allows for power control of virtual machines (to power them off at off peak hours, start up additional machine when load increases, etc)clip_image048

Select a computer or computers with the XD Agent installed.image

Configure user access t o Desktops.image

Configure Display name for published Desktops.clip_image054

Specify icon for published desktop.clip_image056

Select configure advanced settings. clip_image058

Allow all types of connections.clip_image060

Set colors and encryption for session.clip_image062



The Citrix Web Interface is installed by default with the DDC install, but the MMC management snapins are not. Just run ASC_WebInterface.msi from the Desktop Delivery Controller DVD for Web interface management.

Policy Management is available via the CMC, which is also not installed on the DDC server by default. Install CMC.msi from the DDC DVD for CMC policy management.

There are currently 3 CMC policies enabled for optimal performance:

  1. Turn off Desktop Wallpaper
  2. Turn off Menu Animations
  3. Turn off Windows Contents while dragging