Patch Tuesday causes issue with VMware View Windows 7 connections.


Looks like a recent patch from Microsoft has caused some view clients to stop connecting.  VMware is aware of the newly discovered issue and is advising customers to not install the MS Security Patch.  If the patch was installed already, the work around is to uninstall.  More information can be found on VMware’s Support pages.

“As part of our commitment to letting you know about emerging issues, we want to mention an issue a few VMware View users are running into after applying a Microsoft patch.

The Knowledgebase Team has prepared KB article: Unable to connect from the Windows 7 Client to the View Connection Server after installing the patch in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 2482017 (1034262), and an alert has been placed on the Support page to alert customers of this issue.

This Knowledge Base article will be updated if new information becomes available (you can subscribe to RSS feeds on individual KB articles for this purpose). If you have been affected by this, please read the KB.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you know how to spread the word to your friends and colleagues, please do so. “