Epson WorkForce WF-7710: The perfect printer for remote work

Another week, another printer.  When working remotely for a living, it’s important to make sure your home office has all the amenities of a real office.  This includes Keurig Coffee maker, comfy office chair, sit/stand desk, proper lighting and a good printer.  Last year (2017), I reviewed the ET-7750 Epson Printer and really liked it.  The price range for that one was in the $700 buck range.  This week, I am looking in the more economical $250 range.

Evernote Snapshot 20180107 144324Evernote Snapshot 20180107 144506

This is basically a Color Wireless Inkjet cartridge printer.  The special things about this beast is the ability to Fax, Scan and print in LARGE format 19 inch A3 formats.  Edge to edge which is nice for printing pictures.

Setup was as easy as it gets.  I didn’t even read the manual.  Pull all of the little tape things off to make sure all the parts can move, plug it in and then load up the cartridges.  The nice touch screen walks you through the whole process once powered up.

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Evernote Snapshot 20180107 145105Evernote Snapshot 20180107 145105

Once unwrapped, the cartridges just snap right in.  Easy Peasy.  I think the ink is a little expense for these at around 60 bucks but the colors come out clean and dry almost instantly after printing.

You can see the paper drawer below is HUGE.  I can’t imagine any office printing needing much bigger formats than this for normal printer jobs.

Evernote Snapshot 20180107 145320

Once powered up and the cartridges installed, the Wi-Fi set up was super easy.  The printer does include an Ethernet port for hardwiring which is also really nice.  Once on the network, I was pleasantly surprised to see the printer notify me and then pull down a firmware update.  Love that even after you purchase something, it continues to get better.

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My first test was a wireless print from my iPhone 6S+.  I love the convenience of just printing a picture or email RIGHT FROM THE PHONE.  It’s super easy and was printing in just a few clicks.

Image 20180107 151414 

This is a print of the Manatees up in Blue Spring State Park.  The print came out in about 30 seconds and was completely dry and edge to edge.  Very happy with the quality.

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The print was on a normal 8×11 piece of plain printer paper.  This quality is great for school projects, work handouts or anything of that nature. We also printed a greeting card on heavy stock that came out great.  I printed 2 versions – One from the 7710 and the other from the 7750 which is 3 times as expensive.  You can see the the 7710 held its own and with even came in with richer colors.  The speed of the 7750 was 3 times as fast though which is expected when comparing laser to ink jets.

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Since it’s 2018, I had no reason to test the fax machine but scanning worked as expected and the scan bed is nice and big to accommodate large format scans.

So for around $250, this is a perfect All in One printer.  No issues at all, met expectations in terms of price and wireless printing from the iPhone is killer.  I also liked that after about 5 minutes of idle time, the printer went into low Power save mode.

This is a review for the Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Wide Format All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.