How to Enable Citrix Receiver logging for ALL platforms

There is GOLD in them logs and value in the collection of them.

Sometimes when trying to figure out an issue, you just have to go to the logs.  Sure, you can look at the Microsoft Event Viewer but to really see what an application is doing, you have to sometimes dig deep into the log files generated.  This usually means looking at the server locations but with VDI environments such as Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp, the client receiver logs can be as valuable and sometimes more valuable than the server logs (especially when the connections never reach the server!?!).

Here is an oldie but a goodie from the Citrix Knowledge Base.  This is a meta collection of every link necessary to enable the logging for any platform the receiver supports.   Mac, IOS, Android and even Linux.

If you support Citrix products, you will want to keep this updated list in a bookmark file. Winking smile

Happy Troubleshooting!