Happy Thanksgiving from vCloudInfo.com and Bear Stone!

Happy THanksGiving!

Just a quick note to wish everyone and their families a great Thanksgiving holiday this year!  Hopefully, you are eating well, watching some football and getting ready for some Black Friday madness.

I appreciate your readership, support and overall participation in our Smart Home and Virtualization community.

As I get ready for Black Friday, I’m most excited for the Amazon Echo deals!   I am hoping to pick up a great deal on some new Amazon Echo Dots.

If you don’t have an echo dot, you might want to add this to the top of your Smart Home wish list.  For only $22 USD, you can add the smartest Smart Speaker to your home available.

Click for Deal

Having voice in your smart home really levels up the experience.

For those creators out there, Adobe is having an amazing deal where you can subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for only 29.99 a month for the next 12 months.  The deal expires on November 29th.

Back to Amazon, the Echo Show 5 is also another absolute favorite of mine.   Its on sale for $49.99 for back Friday.  A 44% discount.

My unboxing video can be found here:
Unboxing the Echo Show 5

Whatever you end up buying or not, I hope you enjoy this extended weekend to spend time with family and friends alike.

Happy Holidays!