How to drag shortcuts into Administrator Prompt

If you normally have programs running in an elevated state (by using Run As Administrator), you can’t drag and drop files from explorer into it. It is prevented by the Operating System because of the way it handles security. As a general principle, the higher process will not accept drop messages from normal processes. More information on the process isolation can be found here.

Enter the hiDrop (high integrity drop) utility by Jacques Bensimon. Recently updated to version 1.3. hiDrop runs in an elevated process but uses the appropriate APIs to allow drop messages from lower integrity processes. The program will then drop whatever it receives into the last CMD, notepad or Powershell window that was in focus.

The Powershell capability was added with this new release. Powershell is the new command prompt after all. 😉

You can download the latest version by visiting the GitHub Repo.
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Happy Dropping!