Updated: Registry String Redirections / IPM Utility: Get@String 2.0

Back in 2011, Jacques Bensimon wrote this handy utility called Get@String. This utility is basically a decoder ring for those cryptic registry entries called Registry String Redirections. These redirections help keep the registry language-neutral by replacing language-specific text with references to string resources elsewhere. Great for computers, not so great for us when inspecting the registry and trying to figure things out.

Almost a decade later and we have version 2.0 of Get@String! 🙂
This version now also handles a new type of redirected strings of the form @{…}, one most commonly used by UWP apps to point to their resources, like image paths and other strings.  Here’s an example:

Get the newest version and other utilities on our GitHub Storage Page. Click the download button to get the utility.

Thanks JB!