HelpDesk Tool: SessionInfo v1.0

Since some display information is impossible to get by normal means in remote computing sessions (e.g. Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA/HDX), especially by non-admin users, I once threw together this little SessionInfo app that retrieves and displays the number of monitors in use by the session, their geometries, the screen scaling factor, and the color depth.  To make it a tad more useful for support purposes, I added some user, session, and computer info, resulting in what you see in this screenshot:

Despite its name, SessionInfo also works just fine on regular computers accessed normally at the console, as seen below  (but there’ll be no actual session information in 32-bit or Home versions of Windows):

And if you think this was easy, let me tell you that the “O/S” information line alone pulls information from five different Registry entries – exhausting! 😉