How to Attach a Custom Domain to Your Home Assistant Using Nabu Casa

Custom Domains for NabuCasa

Adding a custom domain to your Home Assistant instance with Nabu Casa is really really easy. Check out the simple steps below and watch the video at the end for a complete walkthrough of the process on my own Home Assistant installation. Enhance your smart home experience with a personalized domain like

Follow these steps:

  1. Access Home Assistant settings on Nabu Casa and select ‘Add Custom Domain’.
  2. Enter your desired domain name.
  3. Receive and add two values to your DNS records.
  4. Create a CNAME record in your DNS settings.
  5. Validate your custom domain in Nabu Casa.
  6. Save, restart Home Assistant, and access it with your new domain.

For a detailed walkthrough, check out the accompanying video tutorial at the end of this post, where I guide you through each step in real-time.

Happy Automating!