Patching an ESX server with Update Manager

Update Manager

VMware Update Manager
automates patch and update management for VMware ESX Server hosts and virtual machines. Update Manager addresses one of the most significant pain points for every IT department: tracking patch levels and manually applying the latest security/bug fixes. Patching of offline virtual machines enforces higher levels of patch standards compliance than physical environments. Integration with VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) enables zero-downtime VMware ESX Server host patching capabilities.

Host Patching

This process details the Patching of an ESX host. The remediation process involves Migrating Virtual Machines off the host using vMotion, patching and then redistributing workloads via DRS.

After connecting to Virtualcenter,

you must enable the Update Manager plugin

Download and install the Plug-in

Verify that the plugin is ENABLED.

Once enabled, a new task button and Tab will be available.

The next step is to attach a baseline to the Cluster object (Which holds the Hosts)

Baselines are either Fixed (which you manually select which updates get applied) or dynamic (where updates are applied as they become available from the vendors)

The baselines are further divided into Non Critical and Critical classifications.

Once the baselines are attached you can SCAN FOR UPDATES.

Once the Scan has been completed and Update Manager has downloaded the needed updates, You can choose to REMIDIATE a server.

I would recommended that you only do 1 host at a time.

Choose the baselines or updates you would like to apply and click Next.

After clicking Finish, the Host will go into Maintenance mode, vMotion the VMs to other hosts, Patch itself, reboot and then return to normal operation.