Quick Tip : Citrix EdgeSight Agent – Basic and Advanced Modes.

imageDavid Paoleschi sent me this quick Citrix EdgeSight tip.

The EdgeSight for Presentation Server Agent has two modes of operation, Basic and Advanced:

When a version 5.0 EdgeSight for Presentation Server Agent is installed on a Presentation Server, the agent mode enabled by default depends on the version and edition of the Presentation Server. The following table shows the default agent mode by Presentation Server version and edition. The table also shows whether the Mode tab is displayed on the Citrix System Monitoring Agent control panel applet.


• Basic agents provide the Resource Management capability that is included in XenApp-Enterprise Edition and require only that you have a XenApp Enterprise license available on your Citrix Licensing Server.

• Advanced agents provide the fully featured version of EdgeSight for XenApp and require that you have either a XenApp-Platinum Edition license or an EdgeSight for XenApp license available on your Citrix Licensing Server.

In other words you can install EdgeSight for a XenApp Enterprise client and it will function in basic mode (collects less data). This would be a great way to do an ES POC without having to go out and buy any ES licenses.