Citrix Provisioning Server Service Pack 3

imageSome interesting features being released in Citrix’s Provisioning Server Service Pack 3.  David Paoleschi sent over a quick bullet list.

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Provisioning Server, check it out – it’s worth the time. :) 

        Standard Image Mode NIC Teaming

        Ability to use NIC Teaming drivers from Broadcom and Intel to setup NIC "teams" on PVS clients

        VHD Direct Boot

        Ability to boot PVS VHD files directly within Windows Virtual Server and Hyper-V

        User Assigned Virtual Disks

        vDisks are assigned to individual users rather than machines.

        Offline DB Support

        Ability for PVS to continue to be able to boot and run clients even when the DB is unavailable.

        Multiple Partition vDisks

        Ability to create vDisks that include multiple partitions (e.g. both a C:\ and D: drive)

        Server Initiated Failover

        Ability to initiate failover of all clients attached to a particular PVS server to the other servers in the PVS farm

        Improved Logging

        Improvements to our current lackluster (and in some cases non-existent) logging facilities both on the server and the client


        Ability to keep a log of actions taken by system administrators

        Read-only vDisk LUN

        Modifications that allow the vDisks to be stored in a "read-only" LUN.  This is an incremental step in the direction of eliminating the need for a cluster file system.

        XP Embedded Streaming

        Ability to stream MS Windows XP Embedded.  I.e. the replacement for Ardence Device Edition.