Seemingly Exponential Citrix EdgeSight Database Growth

Explosive Growth

If your EdgeSight database is growing out of control, you might want to double-check your GPOs.  Chris Hahn recently encountered an EdgeSight database growing abnormally  quickly. (About 44GBs in about a week).  After a bit of research on Citrix’s support site, working with the client, they came across the following article and it stated :

"In cases where the EdgeSight SQL database grows at a seemingly exponential rate, the alert table in file group 5 should be examined first. This table holds Windows Event Viewer messages from the device and can grow quickly if, for example, security warnings are consistently occurring in the Event Log."

After looking through the GPOs, they discovered that the audit object access policy was set in addition to the default Logon and Logoff auditing policies.  After disabling this policy, the database ceased it’s ridiculous growth pattern.