Quick Tips for Troubleshooting vDR (VMware Data Recovery)

After working a couple of weeks with vDR, John Simon sent me over some of his favorite quick commands for troubleshooting and working with the appliance driven backup product.  Seems as though he ran into the snapshot issue blogged about on Scott’s Blog here.  Scott has a great explanation of the Whys and Hows but if you are just looking for some concise commands, check out John’s notes below. 🙂

– FINDS ALL FILES WITH ddb.deletable set to false!

find /vmfs/volumes/ -name ‘*.vmdk’ -size ‘-2k’ -exec grep ‘-H’ ‘ddb.deletable = "false"’ ‘{}’ ‘;’


– FINDS ALL FILES WITH ddb.deletable set to false and displays the change it would need to make (TEST RUN)  

find /vmfs/volumes/ -name ‘*.vmdk’ -size ‘-2k’ -exec sed ‘s/ddb.deletable = "false"/ddb.deletable = "true"/’ ‘{}’ ‘;’


– To commit and run the change:

find /vmfs/volumes/ -name ‘*.vmdk’ -size ‘-2k’ -exec sed ‘-i’ ‘s/ddb.deletable = "false"/ddb.deletable = "true"/’ ‘{}’ ‘;’