Tweet, Tweet ; Just another Citrix Twitter List

imageIn a nod to Eric Siebert’s fantastic VMware Twitter list, I have put together a list of Citrix folks that I follow online.  Although Twitter seems to be popping up everywhere you turn, a lot of people find it hard to figure out how to jump into these conversations.  Sometimes, you just don’t know who to follow to get into the conversations you will find interesting.  Most twitter users become Qwitters after just a few months of joining.  I think this is primarily due to the fact that when you first start, if you are not following anyone, and no one is following you, you are basically just talking into an empty room. :)  

If you are interested in VMware or Citrix, you should check out these lists.  In my experience, most Citrix people do VMware and vice-versa and you will find some overlap between these lists. [No longer available] makes it very easy to follow groups of people with just a click of the button.

Citrix List Citrix Twitter List 2009  (70 Tweeters)                 
Eric’s Top 100 VMware & virtualization people

I think a good Twitter client is also very important for a successful experience.  I find TweetDeck to be one of the best Windows Twitter clients.  It definitely helps me organize everything via lists (Columns) and provides excellent searching capabilities.  Makes it much easier to sort through the noise.  I never really got into the mobile tweeting.. since that’s where I think a majority of the NOISE comes from.

In my opinion, Twitter catches a bad rap because of all the not so interesting tweets (I ate this, I like that, I am walking my dog, etc…), but with the right tools and a couple of useful tips pointing you in the right direction, you could have access to a wealth of information and people that you might not normally have access to.