Clean up your Event Logs! WinMgmt Event ID 40

Doing his very best to keep Event Logs everywhere pristine, Aaron Silber helps us knock out another pesky EventLog error :


Not sure if this is an error that has something to do with machines created/deployed via Citrix Provisioning Services or just simply related to WMI and/or ASP.NET, most likely it is the latter, but I have seen it a few times now so I decided to research it. I had noticed some WMI errors which seem to talk about ASP stuff, of course my natural inclination is to ignore WMI stuff as I figure it is something to do with monitoring or reporting, and the ASP.NET stuff doesn’t help the cause as that equals web stuff to me, also something I am not really interested in (Web people, don’t take it personally).

In any case I poked around and found the following article: which lists the exact message I was getting as well as a hotfix to fix it.

After applying the fix I noticed my old friend MSCORVW.exe running so of course I ran NGEN executequeueditems (see here if you don’t remember what this is all about) to force the finishing up of the .NET compilations.

Unfortunately this particular hotfix is not one that available via the web, you have to call to request it. Just be sure to reference KB article #951683 when calling Microsoft.