COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC : Induction Charging! – Way Cool!

This post really has nothing to do with Virtualization, work or anything like that but it’s Friday!  In my search for rechargeable batteries for my Wii controllers, I came across a great little device!  The Energizer charging system (on the right).  It is like a power pad that I have seen and heard about and works by replacing your current batteries with a special type that is paired with the mat to allow contactless charging.  Inductive charging allows the charge to occur by just placing the batteries (fully contained within the controllers) onto the pad.   What made this especially appealing to me is the charge worked without issue right through the protective skin encasing the controller.  If you look to the left, my OLD charging system which was the contact type required me to remove the casing which was a super pain!
Chargin Station!
I get the feeling I might have been a late to the game with this find but I think it is great! 🙂