Location Based applications – Love em or Hate em?

imageSo I love these location based applications.  I work for a consulting company and all of us work together on things but rarely at the same location.  Occasionally, we are at different clients altogether only to realize that we were   from each other and could have grabbed lunch or whatever.  Most of us have started using Google Latitude to relay our locations to each other and some of us have even began using Foursquare to further drill down into the locations.  I find with these applications and technology that you either love em or hate em and there really isn’t much middle ground.  I am firmly in the LOVE EM camp! 🙂 For me, they provide insight into where my colleagues/friends are without me having to hunt them down.  Whether it’s an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone you have (and I guess Windows Mobile and Palm too), there is an app for you.


Google Maps has just released an update to their BlackBerry application.

Foursquare also released an update to their BlackBerry application.

How are you using these location based applications?  Let me know in the comments.