vExpert 2010 – Cool!

The results have been posted and I have been lucky enough again to be named part of the VMware vExpert crowd for 2010! If you frequent twitter at all, you will have no doubt seen many of the vExperts postings and congratulatory words floating by.  The list is an impressive one!  VCDXs, Book Authors, Community Leaders, Industry voices, Developers and Bloggers.  Fellow vExpert Rich Brambley @ VM/ETC eloquently points out that unlike the VCDX, the vExpert award is not a technical certification.  It is not a measure of how much you may or may not know, but rather it’s a recognition of your willingness and passion to discover, share and teach to the community at large.  Of course, these opportunities can come from a wide avenue of venues and for me, it’s been this blog.  I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy posting and sharing on it.  It is quite encouraging and very satisfying to know that others find it useful in the process.

Thanks to John Troyer and those at VMware who are part of the vExpert program.  I look forward to further deepening my roots in this great community of virtualization evangelists!