Need free Virus Protection? Try Microsoft’s Security Essentials.

I think a lot of my friends have been upgrading or purchasing new computers recently with Windows 7 loaded up on it and I have been getting a lot of ‘What should I use for Virus Protection?” questions.  The answer that I have been giving them is a no brainer.  Use Microsoft’s free Virus Software! Microsoft Security Essentials.

The software installs nice and cleanly and adds a small icon image  to the user’s notification tray to let them know it’s working.  All Virus definitions and updates are pushed pulled down from the original ‘cloud’ (i.e. Windows Update 😉) and install pretty seamlessly.  Support for XP, Vista and Windows 7 make this recommendation a no brainer for family and friends.

If you currently do not have any Virus Protection on your system or you are *GASP* paying for it, You are going to want to check out Windows Security Essentials.  I think you’ll be pleased with it.