iDevices. iPad Skins, Cracked iPhones and iPhone Cases.

A little off topic Friday today.  But you know, it’s my blog and all. 😉

My wife’s iPad which we pretty much use around the house was starting to look a little beat up (See Pic 1).  The kitchen table spills and such had not been nice to the iPad and I started to think it might be a good idea to get a skin for it before some REAL damage occurs.  Today, the iLuv Flexi-Clear case came in the mail.  The wife chose pink.  You can check out the pics below.  The silicone case was about 25 bucks and fits REALLY WELL.  Gives great grip to the iPad and is still thin enough to fit into the Belkin carrying sleeve we already had for the iPad.


Yesterday, Marcos Velez sent over some heart breaking pictures of his cracked iPhone.  While walking down the street, his iPhone dropped about 2 – 3 feet to the sidewalk and cracked the indestructible Gorilla Glass they use on the phones.  Obviously, like me, his two options are $199.00 for a replacement screen or suffer through the sadness.


Lastly, I finally got the free case(s) from Apple for my iPhone4.  I went with the Griffin Silicone Grip case.  It fits the phone pretty good but sometimes the edge gets in the way when I am typing and reaching for the spacebar.  I have to see if I am going to keep it or go back to the less intrusive hard plastic case from iDeal Cases.  The hard plastic cases are great but are slippery since they are plastic.  Setting them on a car Dashboard (for GPS) works much better with a silicone case.  The first two black cases are from Apple’s giveaway program (first being the silicone and second a hard plastic case) and the last one is the clear case from iDeal Cases (Only $15 bucks!). Since it doesn’t wrap around the front of the screen, it doesn’t interfere with my finger typing.