Upgrading VMware AppSpeed 1.2 to 1.5

With the new version of AppSpeed released, I downloaded the ISO and proceeded with the upgrade.  Here’s a quick rundown of the activities for those attempting the upgrade.

My Lab is pretty straight forward with 2 ESX hosts, VC (as a VM), some other VMs and the AppSpeed server.


Pull up a console and mount the AppSpeed.iso for the upgrade.


Log into the console (by typing console) and run upgrade_AppSpeed.  After the first reboot, it will continue with the upgrade process.  In the meantime, it does create nice roll back snapshots.



Don’t be alarmed if it seems to hang at ‘Restoring AppSpeed state…’ – Mine was at that point for about 60 minutes.


Eventually, It did kick through successfully.

Once the upgrade was complete, I did have to rerun the setup from the console.  Choosing all of the previous defaults as before, I just let the script rerun.


After setup completes, be sure to exit your VI Client.  You will now see the new 1.5 version installed on your vCenter.


Unfortunately, you also see your older 1.2.  I just disabled mine.


My AppSpeed environment is still new and since it is my lab, it is starved for really intense transactions but as the learning process builds up as traffic is exposed to the probes, I’ll report back with some of the great graphs and insight this product produces.