Citrix Receiver 4.2.1 for iPad ; Lost settings after upgrading.

imageThe new Citrix Receiver 4.2.1 was released last week.  The new client has a lot of new features including iOS 4.2 support, On Screen Track pad, Access Gateway 5 support and promises faster session support.  Sounds great but there is a catch.  If your users have already configured the receiver for the environment, upgrading the client will remove the profile settings forcing them to reenter all information in the receiver for access.  Definitely something you will want to users to know about before they start pressing the upgrade button in the App Store.  Not necessarily an unknown bug since this is noted at the bottom of the What’s New.

Note: This update requires reentering connection information. (Make note of your settings before upgrading).

I’m sure TONS of users will read that and heed its warning. Winking smile 

After upgrading, the UI will also look different to users so if they are still having problems after upgrading their Receiver to the new version, you can always revert them back to the old version. 

To do so, Marcos Velez sent over the following steps:

  1. Make sure you still have the previous version (Citrix 1.1.ipa) on your local drive.   
  2. If you can’t find it, look for it in the Recycle Bin, or Trash.
  3. Now, delete the new/current version from iTunes (right click on it and choose Delete)
  4. Delete the new/current version from your iPad (press on its icon for three seconds and then click on the red x)
  5. Once you have deleted the new version from both iTunes and your iPad, drag and drop the old version application file onto iTunes.
  6. Sync your device