Mozy for the iPhone



I recently stumbled across a cool new app for my iPhone.  Mozy for iOS!  I’ve been a user of the free Mozy Home for a while now.  Mozy Home Free gives you 2GB of automatic cloud backup from 1 machine (Windows 7 or Windows XP).  Perfect for my laptop to scoop up all of my documents, pictures and some PDFs and back them up to the cloud when my machine sits idle.  If I need to get that data back, I just pop over to and download.  The solution works perfect and as long as you are under the 2GB limit, the price can’t be beat.  More than 2GBs and you will have to sign up for one of their premium monthly plans.  Mozy is owned by EMC.

With the addition of the Mozy app for the iPhone, I now have instant access to any of the files I have backed up to the cloud from my laptop.  Sweet!  The interface is nicely done, quick and has pretty good search capabilities.  Once you find the file you want, you can open, email, print or save locally.  This works great for office docs and PDFs I have in my Backup Cloud.  Any pictures browsed show up in a camera roll type interface.  Very Neat.

I still use DropBox for the files I need access to on multiple machines but this unexpected Mozy feature is a really nice surprise to an already pretty good backup solution. 

Check it out @ the iTunes Store for free!