VMware Fling : ThinApp’d vSphere Client

imageFinally!  I’ve been wishing for this for a WHILE now and VMware has finally come through.  Straight out of VMware Labs is a ThinApp’d version of the vSphere Client.  ThinApp in my opinion is one of those great little pieces of software that gets no love.  Partially because it gets no publicity or recognition.  If more people knew about it and what can be done with it, more people would use it.  It has always irked me that VMware did not distribute ThinApp’d versions of their own utilities to increase exposure to this gem.

That’s all history now though.  VMware Labs (which produces internally home grown ‘side’ projects that are not officially supported by VMware) has released a ThinApp’d vSphere 4.1 Client.


No more installing the vSphere client on Desktops, vDisks, XenApp servers or Windows servers.  Just download the EXE and drop it on the machine.  Double click and run.  No install required!  All settings and personalization are stored neatly and portably in your windows profile application data directory.  Of course, the ThinApp’d version is identical to the installed version with the exception of it being completely install free and portable.

Check it out to get a flavor for the goodness that is ThinApp and let’s hope VMware begins to officially distribute their utilities and clients in this neat packaged format.