My Virtual Self on Life Support

imageThings have finally appeared to settle down for me online.  For a while, it just seemed as though the entire internet was under attack.  And it was REALLY beginning to impact MY LIFE! Smile

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you may have noticed it go DOWN for a while early May.  Google’s blogging platform Blogger, which hosts this blog, as down for a good two or 3 days.  Initially, it was out for a couple of hours due to a maintenance update but that quickly escalated to an actual data loss and another 2 day restore period where the site was in read only mode.  No posting or comments allowed.  This was just a couple months after Google’s well publicized Gmail outage.

Speaking of email, my journey to the Microsoft cloud has also not been a smooth one.  From the beginning, there had been numerous issues outside of my control and the recent multiday outage was just another example of how frustrating it is when the cloud services go down.  BTW: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all suffered outages recently.  For me, the Microsoft one is a bit more unforgivable since they are positioned for Enterprises.

That said, these events have definitely not stopped my march toward the cloud though.  I am finding myself migrating more and more of my utilities and workflow to the cloud.  Password management has been the latest with my move toward LastPass.  (Of course, one month after moving all my passwords up to LastPass, they suffered a small possible security breach! Smile )

Of course with the blogger outage, I saw numerous posts and tutorials pop up with instructions on how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress online.  Moving from one cloud provider to another seems like a false security.  From my perspective, it could have just as easily been WordPress down for days. 


For now, things are getting back to normal – I think I’ll take a break and fire up the PlayStation. – DOH!