Unsolvable Hyper-V / SCVMM issue : Error 2912 coupled with a VMRC error.

Hyper-V is definitely growing on me the more and more I use it at client sites but occasionally something will come along that makes me yearn for the good old days of ESX. ;)  This was one of them.  Two identical physical servers, both with Windows 2008 R2 installed running the Hyper-V role.  I was configuring System Center Virtual Machine Manager to manage them and was consistently receiving this error whilst trying to add Host 1.  Host 2 added without issue.  This process is similar to adding Hosts to vCenter.  Host 1 for some odd reason would just not add.  Network connectivity was fine since I could ping back and forth, upwards, downwards and sideways without issue.  I ran through pretty much every troubleshooting idea I could find on the internet (Rebooting, Uninstalling Roles, Clearing out Certificates, Resetting WinRM, Turning off firewalls and antivirus, etc..) but could not get this thing to add correctly to SCVMM. 


Unfortunately, error 2912 seems to be a catch all error for SCVMM providing no real concrete errors other than something went very wrong. Disappointed smile
After a great deal of failed troubleshooting, I ended up rebuilding the entire server fresh and proceeded without issue.  I just don’t know what went wrong and that irks me.  I can only really assume that it was a failed Windows Update or incorrect patch sequence that went awry on one and not the other.

On a more positive note though, I did run across a great tool to assist in tracing communications between Hyper-V hosts and SCVMM in VMMTrace.  Check it out.