Automate Citrix Receiver Configuration for Mobile Devices

Written by Sam Jacobs:

Like it or not, iPads and other mobile devices are here to stay. Just about all of our clients are reporting that Citrix mobile device support is being demanded by technical and non-technical users alike.

Mobile device support is accomplished via the Citrix Receiver. The correct version of the Receiver must be downloaded, and configuration of the program usually entails one or more calls to the Help Desk.

A simple modification to the Access Gateway or Web Interface login page can eliminate most (if not all) of those calls.

The first step is to go to the Citrix Mobile Receiver Setup URL Generator:

After entering the required information and clicking Generate URL, a link will be generated which can be embedded into your Web Interface or Access Gateway logon page. The information above will generate the following link:


You can then modify the Netscaler logon page so that it looks something like this:

You can see a step-by-step implementation of the above, as well as other Advanced Netscaler Customizations at a breakout session given by Sam at BriForum – July 19th – 21st