Stop Tracking your IP with a Spreadsheet

Maybe you have a small network, home or lab, but still have enough devices on the network that keeping track of IP addresses is necessary.  Too small to justify actually paying for something but big enough that a solution is needed.  Most people I know use a spreadsheet.  You should be using an IP Address tracker.
Today, I ditched the spreadsheet for the FREE SolarWinds IP Address Tracker.
Quick Download and run.  I decided to install mine on my Domain Controller since that is where I end up when looking for an available IP. (DNS, DHCP Consoles)  The IP tracker seemed like a logical fit to that process.
Typical Next, Next, Next install.  Super Straightforward.
After the install, launch the program and add your Subnet to start the scan.
After a quick scan, you are presented with all the IP addresses in USE.  You can added custom comments to any of the IP addresses as well.  I did notice that some Devices that did not respond to pings (Windows 2008 Servers with their Firewalls on) did get missed but I just added them in. [Kind of like a spreadsheet with a little something extra]
It’s actually pretty straightforward and pretty useful.  I do wish the free version did automated scans (background scans).  You can only capture IP addresses of machines that are ON at the time of the SCAN.  I’d rather see a limit of 1 class C Subnet that is fully featured.  I would think that would still leave plenty of functionality to ‘sell’ to the larger installations.  Either way, I’m very happy with this free tool.  Thanks Solar Winds!

Happy Tracking!