My blogger blog was GONE.


Yeah .. That freaked me out this morning! Not exactly sure what happened.. After logging out and then back into Google, my blog seemed to have been restored.  I am assuming this was a minor glitch on the blogger platform but it FREAKED ME OUT.

After some research, I found a pretty neat service called Backupify that backs up other online services.  Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger and a host of other services that contain things you might not want to lose.  The service is a great idea.  Not just for accidental deletions but also for whole company failures.  I am sure you could use the data stored on the Backupify servers to migrate from one service to another.  Especially useful as cloud services come and go.  

Like most cloud services, they have a free plan and this one allows for up to 5 GB of backed up data.  Once you either hand over some credentials or allow access via OAuth, Backupify connects over and begins to back up your data.

Once you have a successful backup, you can drill down into the backup archive and pick out individual items from the backup for export.   The formats I have seen for exporting have only been JSON but I don’t know if they change based on the service you decide to backup.


Might not be the perfect safety net but for the price, it’s better than what I had before and it would have eased some of the panic I felt this morning. Winking smile