User Roaming feature with Web Interface

Sam Jacobs came across a new Web Interface 5.4 feature with XenApp 6 that both he and I thought would be nice to share for those interested …

User Roaming is a feature that restricts user groups to enumerate applications only from specific farms.

So, for example, if Farm1 contains servers from NY, Farm2 contains servers from the UK, and Farm3 contains servers from HK, then adding the following to the WI config file:

Farm1Groups=<NY AD Group>
Farm2Groups=<UK AD Group>
Farm3Groups=<HK AD Group>

… would only enumerate applications for NY users from Farm1, for UK users from Farm2, and for HK users from Farm3.

This would also be useful for companies migrating users from one farm to another (usually when they upgrade from one XenApp version to another or possibly XenDesktop).

As users are transferred to the migrated AD group, they will automatically begin receiving the updated applications.

See: for additional details.

Thanks Sam!