‘Printing’ to Evernote using Folder Imports

I really love Evernote.  I have been finding uses for it throughout my work processes and personal life.  It’s a great application and service.  There are a ton of ways to use it and I am always looking for more ways.   Printing to PDF and direct importing to Evernote seemed like something I could use.  Hitting print and having an ‘Evernote Printer’ would be the best solution but until that’s available, here is what I came up with.

Import Folders
Import folders is a pretty nifty feature of the Windows based Evernote client.  You can set it up to scan folders and when it sees a new or updated file in the folder (and optionally subfolders), it will auto import it into a notebook with appropriate tags.  You can then have Evernote delete or keep the source.



Basically, I created an EverNote Import folder and configured it in Evernote’s Folder Import feature to delete.  Now I just print to PDF and save directly to this folder.  Evernote sees it and imports the PDF and deletes the source.  Works pretty good.

Happy Evernote’ing.