Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 error–IPC error 0xA0070002

I’ve been working a lot with Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 and I REALLY dig the vDisk versioning in it.  Sort of reminds me of snapshot management in VMware.  Makes dealing with various vDisk updates and images much more manageable.

Everything was working great until recently when this IPC error starting popping up.  I am not sure of the environment changes that started the issue but can gladly report that it has been fixed.


The IPC error basically occurred whenever I tried any disk related function.  New versions or new vDisks all resulted in an IPC error.  At the time, I was not up to date on my 6.1 hotfixes so I applied 002, 003, 005 & 006.  004 was a target hotfix and since I couldn’t create versions of my vDisk, I skipped it.  The hotfixes unfortunately did not resolve the issue.  A call to tech support and the following registry keys were sent over to me:

Create the following registry entry under the Subkey and set it to the IP address of the Provisioning Services NIC on the server:


Registry entry: GeneralInetAddr

Data type: REG_SZ

Value: <PVS IP ADDRESS>:6909


Registry entry: MsgTimeout

Data type: DWORD

Value: Range between 1 second to 3600 seconds. The default MsgTimeout value is 60 seconds.

Restart the Citrix Provisioning Services Soap Server and Provisioning Services Stream Service.

I set my MsgTimeout to 60 seconds.  [Issue Resolved].