Something New : A Tumblr Mini Photo Blog

Today I decided to test out the Tumblr waters.  While is the natural hub for all my ramblings and tech notes, some of the things I want to share are better suited for different platforms.  A while back, I set up a Facebook page for my blog and it was very well received [Be sure to ‘Like’ it if you are a Facebook’er].  On it, I syndicate the main posts but also add in quick blurbs, shout outs and pictures that I feel are appropriate within the whole Facebook experience.  My thought is that the more avenues for readership and community building, the better.  Different people follow and process things differently.  Some subscribe via email or RSS feeds, others Facebook and still others TwitterEnter Tumblr; It is one of the fastest growing social network / blogging platforms around.  While primarily used for visual content, I think it will be a great place for all those interesting pictures of things that a tech consultant in NYC would run across.  Not really appropriate for the main blog but for Facebook or Tumblr, it seems like a great fit.  If you are so inclined, check it out.

Looking back at my iPhone Photo Stream, this new experiment will probably be a mixture of food and Data Centers. Winking smile 
Ooooh… And if YOU have any Tech Photos that you want to share – definitely come check it out.  Tumblr offers a pretty unique blogging feature that allows for easy reader submissions.  I’m positive this community aspect has helped fuel it’s popularity. 

So take a picture of your immaculate server rack cabling, your rat’s nest of a datacenter, your latest greatest gadget or some awesome desktop configuration.  If you find it neat or interesting, your peers probably will as well.  So post it up and let’s see where it goes.