Reader Question: What do you add to *your* SendTo folder?

Jacques Bensimon recently posed this question internally and I was curious to push it a bit further out to see if anyone out there had anything additional of interest.


I am curious to know what you guys add to your Explorer “SendTo” folder – always up for good new ideas.

Here’s my list:

clip_image001Alternate Streams – mostly to “bulk-unblock” IE downloads

         <path>AlternateStreamView.exe /FolderPath 

Dependency Walker x64 – what DLLs does this 64-bit executable require? what function calls?

Dependency Walker – ditto for 32-bit

Everything – quickly list everything in a folder tree

          <path>Everything.exe -path

EXE Explorer – parse EXE header, show strings, hex view, etc.

Folder Search – (NirSoft SearchMyFiles) Search for files with criteria (strings, timestamps, attributes, etc.)

            <path>SearchMyFiles.exe /BaseFolder

IrfanView – view image(s)

MetaPad – view/edit text file (can handle/convert UNIX line breaks, can search & replace with newlines and tabs, etc.)

Notepad – every user on the planet needs this one

OpenArgs – launch this EXE with parameters (you need this!)

Orca – what’s in this MSI or transform? create a transform, etc.

Resource Hacker – view/extract/modify resources (icons, strings, raw version info, manifest, etc.)

TreeSize – where did all the disk space go?

TS Flag – view executable type (32-bit vs. 64-bit) and Terminal Server Aware flag status

Universal Extractor – find out what’s in this setup EXE without running it

WMatch2 – compare this folder’s contents to another

XVI32 – hex edit this file



Windows Refresher: To get to the SendTo folder, you’ll need to open up an Explorer window, and then paste in the following to the address bar.


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