XenDesktop Setup Wizard fails after PVS upgrade.

After upgrading from Citrix Provisioning Server 5.6 to 6.1, I noticed that the XenDesktop Setup Wizard began to fail by tossing up a snap-in error and complaining that a Broker.Admin PowerShell snap-in was not loaded.


This was actually a super easy fix and an equally easy post so here’s the fix. Winking smile

Just rerun the ConsoleISSetupPrerequisites from either the XD or PVS CD.


Be sure to run the appropriate 64 or 32 bit versions for your Provisioning Server. (It should be 64 bit by now though!)

A quick repair on all of them and you will be up and running without even rebooting.image
Pretty Straightforward. 

By the way, every so often, I like to be thrown an easy one.  Thanks Universe.