Citrix XenApp Edition: Changing the version

By Aaron Silber

Not sure if there is another way, it seems like this should be a policy setting, but I could not find one. In any case, I installed a Citrix XenApp system recently as Platinum only to find out later that the client only had Enterprise licenses. The system was barking at me non-stop, I searched high and low and could not find any way to change this; there used to be a way by right clicking on the server in the AppCenter, but that choice is now gone. In any case, A quick way to swap the values is to use a registry setting and three little characters:


Open the Registry value Product Feature under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCitrix

Your choices are:

o   PLT: Platinum

o   ENT: Enterprise

o   ADV: Advanced