VNXe Software Update

If you haven’t logged into your VNXe Unisphere recently, you may have missed the newest software version released this month. (

vStrong has the full release notes here :

If you are running VMware with NFS datastores, this release might be of interest to you.

  • Writable snapshots for VMware NFS-based datastores
  • VMware SRM support

Assuming you have a current support contract with EMC and you decide to do the upgrade, you can go to and open a Live Chat session to request that EMC do the upgrade.  They have an arm of their Support Division that will perform remote upgrades.  You provide them the maintenance window and they Webex in and execute.  You can also do VNXe upgrades by yourself but really there is little benefit and if something were to go awry, you would have no air support.  I like to recommend having the EMC Remote Upgrade team do it for this reason.