Not so new Cool Utility: Update the Default User profile in Windows 7/2008

This one is pretty self explanatory in it’s usefulness to VDI folk who leverage profiles to roll out customizations and default settings.  Even though you configure to use the mandatory profile, applying to the Default User Profile is a great insurance for any user who might not get the appropriate configuration.

DefProf updates the Default Windows User Profile with the documents and settings from another user profile that you specify. You can use DefProf on Windows 7/8 where the "Copy To" button is grayed out in the "User Profiles" dialog box.

Let’s say you use a ‘setup’ user account to create a user profile that you want everyone logging onto a machine to inherit. When you logon as setup, Windows creates a C:\Userssetup profile folder. To make ‘setup’ the default profile, you just type defprof setup at a command prompt.

Download DefProf: