Saving files in MS Outlook Natively! NOT as email attachments!

Here is a first time contribution to the blog from Chris Gambino.  

Despite having Highly Available file servers, backed up, virus protected home directories and efficient, searchable Document Management Systems, some folks just love to stick with what works for them and continue to use Microsoft Outlook as their personal document management system.  I just discovered another way to increase the use of MS Outlook as a document repository.  Yes, many Enterprise IT guys are cringing already. 

Its very simple actually. Copy a file into memory (Ctrl-C) and then from within Outlook, paste (Ctrl-V) them into a folder.  DONE!  The file is stored within the folder and NOT as an email attachment.  Eliminating the need to either mail to yourself or append to an existing email.

If you want to modify the document, simply click on it and the associated application will launch.

It is worth noting that these files do not get replicated to my mobile device.   I have also read the inbox is not supported to store files but in my tests using Outlook 2013 it does seems to work.

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Thanks for the tip Chris!