Not at a Tech conference this week? Bring the conference to you!

So you aren’t in sunny Los Angeles at Citrix Synergy or sinful Vegas attending EMC World 2014.  No need to worry, there are PLENTY of ways to keep up on the events!  Both vendors are doing a great job streaming their respective keynotes and recaps (since there is a bunch of time overlap unfortunately) online for all to watch.

You can also follow along with the live unbiased commentary on twitter for both conferences.  There are plenty of influential people wandering the halls and broadcasting/tweeting/blogging breaking news and announcements. 
Follow #CitrixSynergy and #EMCWORLD2014 to get started.

Of course, if you ARE at Citrix Synergy, be sure to drop in on IPM’s own Sam Jacobs standing room only (if last year was an indication) session called ‘Best Practices for migrating Web Interface customizations to StoreFront’!

May 7th & May 8th – SYN247


Unfortunately, Sam’s session will not be live streamed so once he get’s back and the slides go public, I’ll publish a wrap up post to the video and source material.

Knock ‘em Dead Sam!

Everyone else, have a great conference week whether in Vegas, LA or the trenches.