Come see Sam Jacobs talk StoreFront at Citrix Synergy!

imageIf you have had a Web Interface, Netscaler or Storefront issue and took it to the Citrix Forums, there’s a good chance Sam Jacobs (@WIGuru) has helped you sort it out!  For the second year in a row, Sam has landed a coveted spot at Citrix Synergy to share his deep knowledge on bending Citrix technologies to his will.  ;)  (BTW: Last year was standing room only for BOTH sessions so if you are going to be at Synergy, pre-register for the session to get a seat!)

Here is Sam’s official Promo announcement with all the details:

Making a Splash with Storefront – A Deep Dive!

It’s official! StoreFront is here to stay so let’s ensure StoreFront servers are production-ready through solid documentation. Documentation is essential because is allows you to:

  • Clone a StoreFront server group,
    – Help troubleshoot any issues with the deployment, and
    – Re-create servers after a crash.

Dive deep with me during my session at Citrix Synergy, where you will see how easy it is to automagically generate awesome StoreFront documentation (in MS Word or PDF format) using the StoreFront PowerShell SDK. You will learn which PowerShell cmdlets are used to document a StoreFront server group (there are also complementary cmdlets with which you can create/modify your server group).

Plus, the techniques you will learn in this session are not limited to StoreFront! You will learn how to create an intuitive GUI for your PowerShell scripts that can modify itself based upon variables in the script. You will also learn how to add custom icons and graphics to the forms used in your scripts.

As usual, all source code for the session customizations will be made available to presentation attendees.
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So join me at Citrix Synergy for SYN417: StoreFront PowerShell documentation deep dive, on Tuesday, May 12 from 4:00-4:45 PM PST in Valencia Ballroom D. Let me show you how to produce awesome StoreFront documentation, and become more proficient in PowerShell in the process. Hope to see you there!

Sam Jacobs is IPM’s Director of Technology Development Services. With more than 25 years of IT consulting, Sam is a Citrix StoreFront, Web Interface and Netscaler customizations and integrations expert. He holds Microsoft MCSD and Citrix Netscaler certifications, is the author of IPM’s TechDev blog and is an active Citrix Forum contributor. A seasoned technical speaker, Sam integrates industry insight with real implementation experience, and has presented customizations at Synergy and BriForum.

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