Cleaning up Horizon Database Errors

vSphere vCenter is great.  Horizon is great.  Composer is great.  Sometimes though, they go off script and start getting out of sync.  I’m sure everyone who has run a VMware View Horizon farm has run into issues where the view database just doesn’t reflect reality.  The VMs are long deleted but Composer and Horizon still think they are there and you get the never completing status of Deleting in the Horizon administrator console.


I remember the not so distant days when this would require firing up ADSI edit and doing some surgical removals of MANY entries in LDAP… 

As of Horizon 6.1, there is a MUCH easier way now.  Check out ViewDBCheck.  Most likely in
‘C:\Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServertoolsbin’ on our connection server.


This handy tool will scour the Horizon DB and look for inconsistencies between the DB, the vCenter inventory and Composer DB.  If it finds any, it will give you a yes/no prompt to clean up and then do it’s thing.  Very Nice!

Although officially released for 6.1 and up, you can also use it for 5.3 by using the Fling found here.