Upgrading your Data Domain OS

Today I ran into a replication issue between 2 Data Domain that showed up as VERY slow transfer rates between sites.  After working with EMC support, it was advised that I should upgrade the OS versions of the boxes to

The process was time consuming but pretty straight forward.

1) Upgrade Destination DD first.

2) Make sure your boxes are no longer doing anything.  I disabled the replication pairs and paused any backup jobs or cleaning tasks.

3) Upload the new RPM to the box via the GUI.

4) Run the upgrade via the command line.

5) Repeat on Source DD server.



You can upload the RPM via the GUI but do the upgrade via Command line.


During the upgrade, the Box will reboot and the Putty connection will become unavailable for about 15 minutes.   Once your PING returns, you can log back into the DD Box via Putty and run
system upgrade status – Verify that the Box shows Completed.

Current Upgrade Status: DD OS upgrade In Progress
      Node 0: phase 4/4 (Finalize 100%)

Current Upgrade Status: DD OS upgrade Succeeded

uname  – Verify the Current OS has been upgraded.


– Easy Peasy.


Be sure to  remove the RPMs via the GUI after successfully updating the Data Domains to reclaim the space.  -Thanks for the tip Eric!