SRM Upgrade issues

Recently I processed a pretty straightforward Site Recovery Manager and vCenter Migration and Upgraded that really went sideways on me.   Certificates somehow got blew out and Site Recovery Adapters just stop talking.   Here’s some quick notes on how it all got resolved.

Certificate issues:

After upgrading the vCenters which used self signing certificates, the newly upgraded Site Recovery Manager servers no longer connected to the environment. Based on logs and error messages, this was definitely a certificate and thumbprint issue.   Fortunately, there is a handy utility in the VCSA to regenerate and redistribute all the certificates.



Option 4 of this wizard will walk you through recreating the certificates and reconfiguring all the PSC services to use them.  I preformed this on both DR and Production vCenters to help solve the SRM issues.  After redistributing the certificates, I had to run a ‘modify’ on the SRM application to reimport the new certificates and thumbprints into the Site Recovery Manager Database.

SRA Issues:

The SRA issues were a little easier to resolve.  Once the certificates were sorted out, I had to re-pair the SMR sites.  Unfortunately, the first issue I hit was a version mismatch – vCenter 6.0U3, SRM 6.1.2 and RecoverPoint SRA <- This needed to be upgraded to


Once that minor upgraded was done, I then needed to instruct the communications to be handled over 433 ONLY.  This required two quick commands :

C:\Program FilesVMwareVMware vCenter Site Recovery Managerstoragesraarray-type-recoverpoint
"C:\Program FilesVMwareVMware vCenter Site Recovery Managerexternalperlbinperl.exe" --useHttps true

These commands need to be done on both Production and DR sites.

Once the SRM Servers were completed, a quick change on the RPA clusters resolved the error completely.

  • SSH into the RPA Manager
  • Option 2 – Setup
  • Option 8 – Advanced Settings
  • Option 2 – Security Options
  • Option 1 – Change Web Server Mode
  • Y to disable HTTP

These steps also need to be done on the production and DR sites.

Thankfully, there are great blogs out there with the answers to resolve such niche items. Smile