Unboxing the Epson Expression Premium ET-7750 Eco Tank Color Printer/Scanner

That title is so far from click bait but this is what this post is about.  I’m a regular member of Betabound and every so often, they send over a product for me to review.  Normally the products are in the Beta stages and can’t be discussed publically but every so often, they just want an honest field test and review of a production ready product.  A few weeks ago, they sent me the Epson Expression Premium All in One Printer with Eco Tank.  That’s a mouth full. The model number is ET-7750.

IMG_2985 IMG_2987

So far, the printer is great.  Setup was extremely easy.  The wizards walked through filling the ink tanks and setting it up on the Wi-Fi was super simple.    The Eco tank is an interesting new addition.  When you run out of ink, you can simply buy new bottles of ink and fill up the tanks again.  The printer is rated for 9000 color or 14000 black and white prints.  Filling up the tanks is super easy and the cost of replacements is cheaper than cartridges.  I do like the individual tanks so you can just refill individual colors depending on your own printing habits.  You can find some of the official refills here.

IMG_2988 IMG_2989

Even after refilling the tanks to full, there was still some ink left over in the bottle.  So you can definitely refill the tanks completely with a single set of refills.

IMG_2986 IMG_2990

This printer also has scanning capabilities that I thought were super easy to use.  Using the LCD screen on the printer, you can select nearby computers that are on the network (It found my Windows 10 Laptop without me having to load any drivers or anything on it) and scan directly to it.  Windows just popped up the image once the scan was complete.  It was surprisingly easy.

Speaking of surprisingly easy, this printer also supports direct printing from my IOS devices.  Literally just pick a photo or document, choose print and select the auto discovered printer.  It seriously could not have been easier. 

IMG_2993 IMG_E2992

Print quality was great.  No complaints there at all.

Bottom Line, it’s a solid printer with a TON of options and hopefully a cheap easy Ink refilling process.  So many printers are inexpensive and then a few months in and you get hit with a massive cartridge replacement bill.  Or you have to do some hack-y modifications to cheaper knock off cartridges to get them to work.  I have high hopes for this Eco Tank.  The printer is a great little addition to my home office.

Of course, no piece of electronics enters this house without eventually getting integrated into my Home Assistant system.


So monitoring ink levels and getting TTS and IOS notifications when offline or almost on empty will be incorporated soon by scraping the data from the Web UI.


Have a great Weekend!



“This is a review for the Epson Expression Premium ET-7750 EcoTank All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.”