Nest announces remote temperature sensors


It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a post on the basics of smart thermostats.   One of the first things I mentioned when comparing Nest Thermostats and EcoBee thermostats were that Ecobee offered remote sensors.  I have always thought this was a great feature of the Ecobee and obviously it was one of those buying decisions that tipped Ecobee over Nest for some people.  Not any more.  Nest has announced a remote temperature sensor that you can add to your Nest solution.   I’m pretty excited to hear all the details on this but it seems like the remote sensor will allow you to set the Nest thermostat based on the temperature of the remote room.   You should also be able to average out the temps of the whole home based on the sensors.  This is great for homes that cool or heat unevenly or have the main thermostat in a not so ideal location of the home.  Each thermostat will be able to support 6 additional sensors and each home will be able to support 18 total sensors (3 thermostats).  My hope is that with scheduling, you should be able to set your home to a comfy temperature in the home office during the day, the living room at evening time and then the master bedroom when you go to sleep.  I think that will be pretty slick and now I would totally recommend the Nest thermostats to anyone thinking about upping their climate game. Smile

The remote sensors are on pre-order and will be around 40 bucks or a 3 pack for $99 and you can find the specs here :