Adding the new Meraki Hardware to my Lab – MS220-8P

network server room

Today I was able to add in some new gear to my Lab

Huge thanks to Chris Hahn for sending over his unused 8 Port Power Over Ethernet switch for me to use.  I put it straight into production to power my 3 Ubiquity Access Points.   Future uses of the 7 powered ports will be security cameras as well.

So how easy was it to set up?  SUPER EASY.  It’s a cloud enabled device.  I plugged it in, gave it access to my network via DHCP and my Circle device and then signed into my account.


My network is a home lab so no real crazy configurations needed but I was able to retire my old power injectors that I had at all of my APs.   Esthetically, that was a great win!  The device itself is a great looking device.  Heavy metal outer casing with some good weight to it.  Feels like a well built piece of equipment.   All the set up was done in the cloud and now I have super awesome stats and reports. 😉

The whole process took about 5 minutes.  Easy Peasy.



Next up – More POE Cameras!