GoodBye Citrix XenApp, Long live Citrix Virtual Apps …


New names for old products!  Say good bye to Xen and anything attached to it..  Here’s a cheat sheet of the new improved Citrix naming and geek speak.

XenServer is now Citrix Hypervisor

Sharefile is now Citrix Content Collaboration

XenApp secure browser is now Citrix Secure Browser

XenApp is now Citrix Virtual Apps

XenDesktop is now Citrix Virtual Desktops

XenMobile is now Citrix Endpoint Management

Netscaler ADC is now Citrix ADC (Basically all the Netscaler monikers were dropped).

Netscaler Unified Gateway is now Citrix Gateway

Cedexis Platform is now Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

You can read all about the other name changes and the WHY here : Citrix Web Page

Metaframe and nFuse seem like they happened a lifetime ago.