Talking about my TabloTV setup – #CordCutting


I’m a #CordCutter.

If you know me or have read this blog for a while, you know I love all the latest home gadgets and Home Automation stuff for my Smart Home.   I have been a cord cutter for about 5 years now.   Ever since moving to Florida actually.   That was the perfect time to completely make the move to a cable free life.  The reasons are many but one of the first things I bought to enable the transition was the TabloTV.  Being able to get live news and sports over the air and then use Plex, Netflix and Amazon for the rest was all I needed to make the jump.  I run Rokus all over the house as the endpoints and it’s been great.

To dive a little deeper into this, check out my interview with TabloTV where I talk about why I ultimately decided to ditch cable. (I’m looking at you Spectrum!)

Tablo TV Q&A

Happy Cordcutting!